033 - Rainier Trail Middle

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Rainier Trail, Olde Town, Issaquah, WA, US

location_on N 47 31.440, W 122 01.944

by lamp post - watch for muggles

This coin was placed during the Sherlock Snag the Tag Lab Cache Kick off. There are 50 total placed around Issaquah. If you arrive here and the tag has gone missing, please mark it so. If you find it, please claim it and keep it! Good Luck!


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[tag hider]

description 2 years 9 months ago

Confirmed. It has been picked up.



cancel 2 years 9 months ago

Perplexed. The nearest actual Lamp post to the posted coordinate is 80 feet in one direction in about the same in the other, No likely spot to hide it in within about 10 feet of either lamp post but I did check the ones that were farther than that;there is a straight up and down tree off trail about 15 feet away but there was nothing near it. So, is it missing? It certainly isn’t at the coordinates.



publish 2 years 9 months ago