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"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

Attention sleuths: Welcome to A Novel Cache: Sherlock Mystery 2: Snag The Tag game. Sherlock and Moriarty are out and about Issaquah! 50 tags will be published at 11 am around the city!

The game is simple: Get to a location where a Sherlock or Moriarty has been published (icon on the map). If you get there first, you will find a bag with a vintage Sherlock designed box. On this box is a code, use the code to claim the package then have a look inside!This alerts other finders and removes the piece from the map. Now, if you are a geocacher and want the geocoin adopted to your account simply follow the redemption instructions. Otherwise, the coin and box are yours to keep! One per family please.

For more information visit A Novel Cache: FAQ Event page: here

Sherlock/Moriarty will start publishing at 11 am.