Hiders Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for hiding a tag?

  1. Hide on public property close to parking. Do not place in a geocache.
  2. Note the number on the tag.
  3. Take accurate GPS coordinates.
  4. Snap a photo or two of the location to use in your listing.
  5. Make sure the tag is secure and can last up to two weeks “in the wild.”

When should the tags be hidden?

Please try to hide at least one tag before the game begins and then whenever a good location presents itself. All of your tags should be hidden before the publishing period ends (at least a week before the end of the game).

When will my tag be published?

Tags are published automatically using our secret scheduling algorithm. Your tags may not become public immediately. Therefore, please DO NOT tell anyone that you have hidden a tag, not even a hint.

Can I find a tag hidden by someone else?

You can be a hider or finder for each tag but not both. If a game features multiple tag types, you can be a finder for one tag type and a hider for another.

Can I keep one of the tags?

Yes. The tag to keep is specified in the instructions included with your hider packet.

Can I give some of the tags to my friends?

No. All tags (other than the one for you to keep) must be hidden to be claimed by a finder.